Yellow buses


Competitive plans
for yellow school buses

GENIKI PANELLADIKI, in full knowledge and appreciation that pupil and student transportation amounts to the transfer of “the most valuable cargo”, has created the FrontEasy YELLOW BUS insurance product, addressed to private school owners.

It is a highly specialized, comprehensive insurance product for yellow school buses, with important standard and broader optional covers.

The FrontEasy YELLOW BUS plan is supported by highly reliable reinsurance contracts and it is the best option in the market for the specific field of vehicle insurance. The specially designed for yellow school buses FrontEasy YELLOW BUS insurance product uniquely combines the fullest coverage with the most competitive insurance premium in the market.

Standard covers

  • Motor Liability
  • Premium Protection
  • Accident Care – a service that supports and takes care of the driver in the event of a road accident or damage, in Greece, which includes:
    • Damage report 24/7
    • Arrival at the damage site and taking photographs
    • On-site filling in of the Accident Report
  • Legal Protection

Optional covers

  • Material Damage Caused by an Uninsured Vehicle
  • Personal Accident of the Driver
  • Fire Motor Liability
  • Fire Insurance (Combustion, Terrorist Acts, Malevolent Acts)
  • Theft (Total, Partial)
  • Natural Phenomena
  • Glass Breakage
  • Road Assistance for Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Motor liability

Fire Combustion, Terrorist Acts, Malevolent Acts

Theft Total, Partial

Malevolent acts other than fire

Natural phenomena

Own Damages

Glass breakage

Loss – destruction of baggage

Premium Protection

Personal accident of the driver

Material damage caused by an uninsured vehicle

Accident care Damage report 24/7, Arrival at the damage site and taking photographs, On-site filling in of the Accident Report

Legal protection

Road assistance


3 reasons to choose us


For many years now, GENIKI PANELLADIKI is the leading expert in the field of tourist coach insurance, covering over 70% of the market total.

Instant service

Our years of experience and solid know-how, as well as our top software solutions increase our service speed and the automation of processes.


GENIKI PANELLADIKI is a company of high market prestige, operating for years as a shining standard of professionalism, transparency, trust-worthiness and reliability.


Amicable Accident Report

Indemnity Claim Form

Insurance product information

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