Tourist coaches

GENIKI PANELLADIKI, with 45 years of experience and expertise in the field of tourist coach insurance, provides the FrontEasy insurance products for any business actively involved in the field of tourist transportation.

Urban buses

GENIKI PANELLADIKΙ, responding to the needs of urban and interurban bus owners, has created and offers the FrontEasy URBAN insurance products.

Interurban buses

GENIKI PANELLADIKΙ, responding to the needs of interurban bus owners, has created and offers the FrontEasy FLEXI INTERURBAN insurance products.

Yellow buses

The specially designed for yellow school buses FrontEasy YELLOW BUS insurance product uniquely combines the fullest coverage with the most competitive insurance premium in the market.

Staff transfer buses

For businesses that maintain buses for staff transfer (industries, etc.) or client transfer (hotels, etc.), GENIKI PANELLADIKI offers the specially designed FrontEasy STAFF TRANSFER insurance product.

Mini Vans

For Mini Van owners, looking for a value-for-money ordinary or mixed insurance for their VIP transports, either for private or public use, GENIKI PANELLADIKI recommends the specially designed FrontEasy VIP VANS insurance product.


Premium insurance coverage
for vehicles

Vehicle insurance coverage concerns the legal protection of professional vehicles such as yellow buses, tourist coaches, interurban buses etc. involved in road accidents, or which their owners wish to insure against theft or total destruction due to fire or weather conditions.

The competitive and flexible insurance plans offered by GENIKI PANELLADIKI cover a wide range of insurance needs, whether you are looking for the most affordable but reliable solution, or seeking standard or specialized services, or even looking for the fullest insurance packages.

Whether you are looking for tourist coach insurance or interurban bus insurance, GENIKI PANELLADIKI covers motor liability for personal injury and material damage, destruction or loss of baggage, glass breakage and road assistance in case of accidents.

Integrated Insurance Programs

GENIKI PANELLADIKI is always taking care of your vehicle with the most up-to-date, flexible and competitive insurance plans. All plans are supported by strong and reliable reinsurance contracts and are specially designed to meet every need of the policyholders.

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