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Road assistance

With a view to upgrade its services towards all its policyholders, GENIKI PANELLADIKI has secured cooperation with INTERAMERICAN VOITHIAS and with MONDIAL ASSISTANCE, aiming to provide full Road Assistance plans for heavy vehicles, with coverage in Greece and abroad, available in all its bus insurance plans at especially competitive prices.
The coverage is offered 24/7, all year round, by calling +30 1158 for INTERAMERICAN or +30 2109904089 for MONDIAL ASSISTANCE.

Please read below the Guide to Useful action in case of bus damage, the Terms of the Heavy Vehicle Road Assistance Insurance Policies here below or visit the websites of INTERAMERICAN Road Assistance and of MONDIAL ASSISTANCE Road Assistance.

Amicable settlement

GENIKI PANELLADIKI, since 01/01/2018, is an equal member of the Immediate Payment System – Amicable Settlement System of the Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies.

Despite the fact that to date GENIKI PANELLADIKI has developed many mechanisms to serve its policyholders in a similar way, the Company’s participation in the Amicable Settlement System is an important step towards the optimization of the services provided to its policyholders and, at the same time, is a recognition of the Company’s solvency by the insurance companies participating in the system.

Immediate Payment System

The Amicable Settlement System or Immediate Payment System is an agreement between insurance companies, which applies, under conditions, to indemnities from traffic accidents. It is a method of indemnity and management of losses, material damage and light personal injuries, which contributes to the promptness and reduction of litigations. In the framework of the Amicable Settlement System, a driver who is not liable or who is partially liable for the accident receives indemnity from his own insurance company. Only two rates of driver liability are valid for the application of the Amicable Settlement: 100% and 50%.

Pursuant to the agreement establishing an Amicable Settlement or Immediate Payment System, and provided that both insurance companies involved, participate in the system, in case of a traffic accident the insurance company of the driver who isn’t liable is allowed to compensate him on behalf of the insurance company covering the liable driver.


In order to apply the Amicable Settlement, the following requirements must be met (otherwise, the damage cannot be included in the Amicable Settlement System and the injured person shall be compensated by the insurance company of the third party/liable party).

  • The Amicable Accident Report, which facilitates and accelerates the settlement and indemnity procedures, must be filled in and signed by both drivers.
  • The material damage to the insured vehicle in the traffic accident shall not exceed the amount of €6,500 or/and the personal injuries shall not exceed the amount of €12,000 per injured person and €30,000 per accident.
  • In case of an accident between more than two vehicles, the maximum material damage limit applies for each vehicle.

For all traffic accidents not fulfilling the above requirements, the company of the liable driver assumes the responsibility and undertakes to pay indemnity.

What material damages does the Amicable Settlement cover

  • The cost of repairing or the indemnity for the total destruction of the vehicle, including taxes.
  • The cost of helmet, motorbike saddlebags and car cover replacement.
  • The vehicle transportation cost

Lost revenues due to material damages of the vehicle are not covered.

The covered material damages must not exceed the limit of €6,500 of the agreement.

What type of personal injuries does the Amicable Settlement cover

  • Physician fees, hospital charges, diagnostic tests, medical expenses and the transfer cost of the injured person.
  • Revenue loss due to a personal injury.
  • Non-material damage

The personal injuries covered must not exceed the limit of €12,000 of the agreement. The indemnity amount is calculated according to the medical report or the certificate of a public hospital or social security body.

In any case, the employees of the Claims Department of GENIKI PANELLADIKI shall be at your disposal at any time, in order to process the settlement of your claims arising from the inclusion of your damage in the Amicable Settlement System. Your only obligation shall be to help with the indemnity procedure in a constructive way.

Legal protection plan

With a view to safeguard its policyholders’ interests and the claims arising from the involvement of the insured vehicle in a road accident (in accordance with the principle of good faith and fair trade practices), GENIKI PANELLADIKI provides mandatorily Legal Protection with coverage both in Greece and abroad (EU) in all insurance plans. All offered at an especially competitive price through a group policy by A.G.A. INTERNATIONAL SA. Coverage is provided 24/7, all year round, by notification at +30 210 9904089 and at

Glass breakage

If you have Glass Breakage insurance coverage, in the event of an accident, you are required to call the Glass Breakage Notification Line at +30 2111032919 and proceed to notify by telephone the responsible employee in the Claims Department regarding your damage. The line operates daily during business days from 8:00 – 18:00. During non-business days and hours, you may leave a message on the Line’s voice-mail and you will be attended to in order of priority on the next business day.

During your communication with the Company’s Claims Department, you will be informed about the collaborating repair shops (see the relevant list here) in the area where you wish to have your vehicle repaired, as well as about any exceptions and exemptions, based on your policy and insurance terms.

You must declare the repair shop where you will have your car repaired, so that a Company expert can be sent within 24 hours to examine the damage to the glass.

You are required to submit a written Accident Statement to the Company without delay and within the 8-working-day deadline defined by law, upon receiving knowledge of the incident.

You can be informed by the Claims Department regarding the developments in your case daily, during business days from 09.00 – 17.00, as well as by email at

Accident Care

In case you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you must call the Accident Care service of the Company at +30 2109904089 at any hour of the day or night (24/7).

A responsible authorized associate of the Accident Care service shall arrive at the site of the accident, where they shall complete a digital Accident Statement Form with your cooperation and on your behalf and shall photograph the vehicles involved and the site of the accident.

In the case of the involved parties agreeing to an Amicable Settlement regarding liability, the Accident Care authorized associate shall complete the Amicable accident report pertaining to the drivers involved in the event, which shall be digitally signed.

The relevant records shall be sent to the Company by the Accident Care service.

Accident Care is provided in collaboration with Mondial Assistance.

Guidelines in the event of an insurance risk

  • In case of a motor vehicle accident, you must call the Company’s Accident Care service 24/7 at +30 2109904089. An authorized associate of the Accident Care service will arrive at the site of the accident, where they will fill in a digital Accident Statement Form with your cooperation and on your behalf and will photograph the vehicles involved and the site of the accident. In case the involved parties agree regarding liability in the motor vehicle accident, the authorized associate of the Accident Care service will fill in the Amicable Accident Report Form pertaining to the drivers involved in the accident, which will be digitally signed; all relevant records will be sent to the Company. In addition, you have the option of calling the Traffic Police (100 inside Greece), in order that the details of the vehicles and drivers involved are recorded, as well as the direction of the vehicles before the accident, and the signposting of the relevant roads, so as to compile a Motor Vehicle Accident Report. In the event of a motor vehicle accident with physical injuries, in addition to the Accident Care service you must also call the Traffic Police (100 inside Greece) and the National Emergency Aid Centre (166).
  • If you fail to call the Accident Care service to the site of the accident, then you must submit a written Accident Statement to the Company immediately, without unreasonable delay and within 8 working days at the latest from the time when you became aware of the incident, as defined by Law.
  • In the event of a motor vehicle accident involving a vehicle with foreign license plates, it is essential that you photograph or photocopy the vehicle’s relevant Green Card and/or Insurance Contract, so that the Insurance Company covering the foreign vehicle can be promptly identified.
  • In case the vehicle is on fire, you must call the Fire Department (199) to extinguish it and record the incident, as well as the Accident Care service at +302109904089, in order to fill in the Accident Statement Form and to photograph the vehicle and the site of the incident.
  • In the event of Total Theft, you must immediately file a statement at the local Police Authority and submit a written Accident Statement to the Company.
  • In the event of Partial Theft, you must call the Company’s Accident Care service at +302109904089 and file a statement of the incident at the local Police Authority. You must also contact the Company’s Claims Department in order for the responsible authorized associate to provide you with all additional information that you may need, as well as with guidance instructions for further managing your case.

Accident Care is provided in collaboration with Mondial Assistance.

Complaints Management Procedure

Overview of the Complaints Management Procedure

Your opinion, proposals and reviews have always inspired us to become better. Direct communication with the public has always been a main driving force for our constant progress and development. Nowadays, communication is even easier.

GENIKI PANELLADIKI, aiming at constantly improving the quality of its provided services, establishes a complaint management procedure and calls its policyholders or/and third parties to submit any complaints by telephone or in writing, in order to timely identify any possible failures and address them effectively. It is our obligation and we will make all possible efforts in regard to the direct, fair and impartial management of all complaints reported by our policyholders or/and third parties, in order to resolve them, free of charge.

The procedure followed by our Company concerning the management of complaints submitted by our policyholders or/and third parties, complies with Act No. 88/5.4.2016 by the Bank of Greece.

According to this procedure, by filling in and signing the Complaint Form (which may be downloaded by clicking here), you can notify our Company about your complaints in the following ways:

  • in person, in our offices
  • by letter, sent by post
  • via email at the address:
  • via facsimile transmission at F +30 2103217109

with the indication Attn. Complaints Management Services

The Company’s contact details are:


Complaints Management Services

Mrs. Dimitra Chrysaiti


7 Voulis St., Sintagma, 10562 Athens, Greece

Τ +30 210 3217801, F +30 2103217109,


42 M. Antipa St., Pilaia, 57001 Thessaloniki, Greece

Τ +30 2310474422, F +30 2310473683,

In order to process your complaint effectively, we recommend you to fill in the relevant form by describing in full detail the incident under question, making your request clear, as well as providing valid contact details. You may also attach documents, photographs and general supporting material to the Complaint Form, which you would like us to take into account.

The examination of your complaint starts on the same day. Within 24 hours (or within the first working day in case of a public holiday) from receiving your complaint, you will receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt, sent to the contact address you provided in the Complaint Form. In this Acknowledgement Receipt, you are also informed on the contact details of the person in charge of managing and investigating your complaint. You may be asked to submit other documents, which you will have to submit, and which will be kept in the relevant file and will always be available to you.

The examination of the complaint will be completed within thirty (30) days and no longer than fifty (50) days from the day of receipt of the complaint form. You will receive our reply in writing. In case that a written answer cannot be sent within the stipulated deadline for any reason, we are bound to inform you in writing on the estimated time for the conclusion of the examination of your complaint. At the same time, you may be informed at any time by the complaints manager about the progress of your case examination.

The initiation of this procedure does not interrupt the limitation of any of your legal actions, neither does it preclude you from an out-of-court settlement. Your rights are set forth in the terms of your insurance policy and in accordance with insurance legislation. You can seek an out-of-court settlement of your dispute, by bringing the case before our Company and the following bodies:

  • General Secretariat for Consumers, Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Kaniggos Square, 10181 Athens, Τ 1520,
  • Hellenic Consumer Ombudsman,, 144 Alexandras Ave., 11471 Athens, Τ +30 2106460814, according to the provisions in force and within the stipulated deadlines1.
  • Bank of Greece, Department of Private Insurance Supervision (DEIA), 3 Amerikis St., 10546 Athens, Τ +30 2103205222,

We are always at your disposal to help you resolve any of your concerns regarding your insurance policy.


The Head of the Complaints Management Services

Dimitra Chrysaiti

[1]According to art. 4 of Law 3297/2004, the report is submitted to the Hellenic Consumers Ombudsman within one (1) year from the day the interested party became aware of the damaging act or omission against him, which constitutes the consumer dispute. The submission of the report interrupts the limitation period and the time-limit of legal acts during the entire duration of the mediation procedure. Subject to articles 261 of the Civil Code, the interrupted limitation period and time-limit begin again at the conclusion of the mediation procedure. The same deadline is valid for reporting to the General Secretariat for Consumers.