Human resources


Our people
are the driving force
of our success

At GENIKI PANELLADIKI, we recognize that in today’s ever-changing market and highly competitive conditions, our people are the determining factor in achieving our business goals and our efforts to offer a wide range of high-quality services.

Having different expertise, experiences, skills and attitudes, they are joining forces daily and safeguarding our customers’ satisfaction, who enjoy high level and value-added services, provided by well trained and qualified professionals.

Our corporate ethics form our identity.

For us, at GENIKI PANELLADIKI, trust, mutual respect and ethical conduct are key elements in achieving business success. The backbone of our corporate ethics is the continuous investment in our people with a view to cultivating a system of principles and values promoting the achievement of the Company’s vision.

Based on these ethics:

  • We seek to be a first choice employer, with employees who form our main competitive advantage.
  • We implement merit-based criteria, and fair and transparent procedures with respect to evaluation, rewarding and professional development.
  • We believe that our people deserve a working environment, in which they will be able to learn, grow and succeed.
  • We create the appropriate conditions for everyone to develop, aiming at increasing occupational safety, encouraging the alignment with our corporate ethics and achieving more vigorous participation in its activities.
  • We recognize the importance of maintaining the balance between professional and personal life.
  • We focus on attracting and maintaining high caliber executives with principles and values consistent with those of the Company.

The continuous investment in our people is part of our strategy.

The success of GENIKI PANELLADIKI is based on the dedication, creativity and expertise of our people. We believe that our people deserve the best possible support and that their personal growth is inextricably linked to that of the company.

Investing in our people is an active factor of innovation; it creates the conditions necessary for long-term growth and contributes to the provision of high-level services in terms of quality, creativity and efficiency.

In this context:

  • We invest in the future by recruiting talented young people and experienced competent executives, who will develop and utilize their potential.
  • We carry out diverse educational programs with a view to covering educational needs, improving skills, contributing to professional development and ultimately improving responsiveness in achieving Company’s goals.
  • We encourage our people to develop new ways of thinking and expressing themselves, to deal with various business challenges and to develop management and problem-solving skills.
  • We reward the performance of our people on a regular basis by ensuring inner justice, meritocracy and the promotion of excellence within our Company.
















Your career is an opportunity for us

At GENIKI PANELLADIKI we are looking for talented people who share our vision, principles and values.

At GENIKI PANELLADIKI we are searching for driven, enthusiastic people with self-motivation, who are able to work in a team environment, giving us the opportunity to make use of their ambition and allowing them to grow and evolve with us.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the team of GENIKI PANELLADIKI, please email your resume to You can apply for a specific position or have your resume registered in the Company’s active resume database. Please be informed of your Personal Data Protection here.